contigo kids water bottle

This is a kids water bottle with patented non-spill technology for 4-8 years old. The kids will hold the button to drink, and the bottle will be automatically sealed once button is released. This product’s unique function and sporty, friendly appearance has been well loved by parents and children.





ELLE is a coffee travel mug specially targeted toward the urban female user. Careful consideration has been taken to overlay frosted translucent outer with metallic, texturized inner. The detailing of mug is also to convey tactile, premium feel.




hp laser printer

This is a Laser printer designed for home and small busyness use. With  existing component, the task is to refresh the look under the guidance of  HP branding language, and keep the printer in line with HP other printers in the market.

We started this the project with learning the HP brand language, and opportunities available to update the design. After ideation sketches, the concept “bucket” emerged and was selected.

A series of foam models were made to refine the key appearance features on this printer: the surfacing relationship between the outer wrap and the inner core.

This product is now on the shelf.

ge hide-a-key products

KEYA series of hide-a-key products for the home and automobile use.

They features:

• Easy to use interface   

• Place anywhere aesthetics   

• Durability

logitech ps2 karaoke microphone


Karaoke microphone concepts for Logitech. This is a device that works with Sony PS2 station. The design language ranges from Sony style to Logitech brand look. The concept in the middle is selected to go into production. 


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