vertical vacuum cleaner concept

A vacuum cleaner concept with dust pan directly attached to the brush head for best energy efficiency, and compact size. The drawer type dust pan features a large integrated handle on the side for recognition and sturdy handling.

smart watch

A  wrist watch concept, that enables user to connect it directly with computer through USB port for data access.

logitech headphones concepts



Logitech needs help reaching to the younger, trend and fashion conscious customers.

We derived  three ongoing design trends after  research: 

  • Whimsical
  • Minimal
  • Decorative.

The first headphone design is to follow the whimsical direction. It features back painted glossy shell, silicone ear loops and a thin cylindrical band. 

The second design addresses the minimal trend,  it has metallic frame and leatherette panel.

logitech desktop microphone

Logitech asked us to refresh their desktop microphone line for another five years. The project goal was to update the look while accommodating both stand alone and attached to the monitor mode.

urban cruise bike



A  bicycle with integrated, lengthened seat which allows the rider to adjust posture while riding and prevent back muscle and arm muscle fatigue.  The looped handle also provide versatile ways for arms to rest on.

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